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Hi Jane,
Below is an outline of your schedule and reminders for the appointments you will need to make. You can view and print your full calendar by selecting 'calendar' above. Let us know if you have any questions. Joan


8.2.2020 begin birth control pills
8.11.2020 begin lupron 10u, begin baby aspirin
8.14.2020 last birth control pill
8.16.2020-8.18.2020 expect menses
8.19.2020 baseline ultrasound & blood test
8.21.2020-8.23.2020 stim days 1-3 follistim 4amp in pm
8.24.2020-8.28.2020 stim days 4-8 reduce follistim to 3amp in pm
8.29.2020-9.1.2020 monitoring, possible HCG
8.31.2020-9.3.2020 egg retrieval on one of these days
9.3.2020-9.5.2020 embryo transfer on one of these days