injection instructions

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subcutaneous injections

1. Gonal-F, Follistim, Fertinex or Repronex
2. diluent
3. syringe with needles for mixing and injection
4. alcohol pads

Preparing Injection
1. Wash your hands.
2. Check expiration dates.
3. Using syringe and mixing needle mix medication with diluent. Gently swirl until powder is completely dissolved.
4. Using the same syringe withdraw all of the fluid from the vial.
5. Change needle to injection needle and tap syringe to remove any air bubbles.

Administering Injection
1. Select injection site either at the upper, outer quadrant of the thigh or in the abdomen.
2. Cleanse with alcohol swab.
3. Pinch a fold of skin.
4. Hold the syringe perpendicular to the skin like a dart and quickly insert the needle.
5. Inject the medication slowly, then release the fold of skin and withdraw the needle.